State Rankings

In line with Archery Australia policy State rankings are now to be derived from the National rankings as shown on Archers Diary.

The new ranking list links below access the individual archers rankings as displayed in Archers Diary, however they have been restricted to display only those archers eligible for the stated age group. 


The current Victorian State Ranking lists can be downloaded below: 

Up to 31st May 2017

 Target 1501   Current Target Ranking List
 Field 1502 Current Field Ranking List
 Indoor 1503 Current Indoor Ranking List (updated 020717)
 Clout 1504 Current Clout Ranking List

 ***PLEASE NOTE the following events were not included in the State or National Rankings due to late submission of scoresheets  


Scores from the World Masters Games Target , Field & Indoor, World Field Championships Dublin Sept 2016 and State Clout 2017 have also been included in the State Rankings, but are not in National Rankings lists as yet. 


Ratings are intended to reflect current performance, not personal best scores, so the calculation uses degrading scoring. This means that older scores are worth slightly less than recent scores. So an archer can’t shoot a high score then stop shooting for a year and expect to be still ranked highly.

The scores are made up from the highest degraded rating from AA or WA registered events.

Ratings are degraded by 2 points per month (30.4 days). (Clout scores are degraded by 5 points per 30.4 days)

These rankings will be used to select Victorian State Teams for all National Championships where a Registered Governing Body (RGB) team competition exists. They can also be used just to compare your performance against other archers within your Division across the different competition disciplines.

The State Team Selection Policy can be downloaded at:  
State Team Guidelines  0491  

Indoor State Team 2017 

Congratulations to those selected to represent Victoria at this event - well done one and all.

1. 578.75 Alec Potts  Archers In Melbourne 
2. 570 Markus Kuhrau Diamond Valley Archers
3. 568 James Gaze   Moorabbin Archery Club
4. 556.75 Jacob Blackburn Frankston Archery Club
R. 556.5 Ben Howell Archers In Melbourne

1. 580 Marcel Verstegen Sherbrooke Archers
2. 578.5 Harri Howden Diamond Valley Archers
3. 577 Shaun Hastie Diamond Valley Archers
4. 576 Adam Bielby  Twin City Archers Gippsland
R. 576 Julian Howden Diamond Valley Archers


Para & VI State Team 2017

Congratulations to those selected to represent Victoria in our inaugural State Para & VI Team. Our selected archers are:

Compound Men: Chris Doneman, Jesse Balshaw, Charles Leitao, and Paul Holmes

Recurve Men: Kyle Lyons-Clarkson, & Daniel Neal

Compound Veteran Women: Hazel Hockley

Congratulations to Kyle Lyons - Clarkson for taking the Silver medal in the Open Mens Recurve Target, and well done to all those who competed, with several 4th placings just missing out on reaching the podium.

Commiserations to Hazel Hockley who due to health reasons was forced to withdraw from the event at the last minute - you'll get them next time Hazel!

Well done to you all.

AV Board 


Youth State Team 2017

 Cut of date for selection was 5.00pm 31st Jan 2017,  Final standings as at 13th Feb 2017  - Click here

Congratulations to all the listed archers for qualifying - the competition for places was exceptionally close in some cases. Well done to all.

2017 Archer   Age Class Gender Bow Type  Ranking Qual? 
1 Harri Howden Cadet M Compound 2070 Q
2 Niamh Jones Cadet F Compound 2048 Q
3 Caitlin Howden Intermediate F Compound 2006 Q
4 Adrian Angus Cadet M Compound 2005 Q
5 Devilliers Duvenage Junior M Compound 1959 Q
6 Chris Vissariou Cadet M Compound 1952 Q
7 Samuel Breeden Junior M Compound 1931 Q
8 Augustus Anagnostou Intermediate M Compound 1923 Q
9 Metatron David Intermediate M Compound 1879 Q
10 Faith Hastie Intermediate F Compound 1877 Q
1 Tian Mortimer Cub F Recurve 1870 Q
2 Laura Paeglis Cadet F Recurve 1845 Q
3 Arunav Chatterjee Cub M Recurve 1710 Q
4 Annie Sanell Cadet F Recurve 1637 Q
5 James Gaze Junior M Recurve 1605 Q
6 Ben Howell Junior M Recurve 1565 Q
7 Zachary Tonizzo Cadet M Recurve 1502 Q
8 Denise Pilien Cadet F Recurve 1406 Q
9 Markus Kuhrau Junior M Recurve 1389 QE
10 Kyle Lyons-Clarkson Junior M Recurve 1146 QE


Open State Team 2016

Venue: Pulteney Grammar School Sports Grounds, South Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia.

Female Recurve     Total Rating
1.  Leanne Strahan  Sherbrooke Archers  202 
2.  Debbie Tremelling Angel Archers  173 
3.  Lydia Leong Diamond Valley Archers   128 
4.  Deborah Jones  Greater Hamilton Archery Inc  86 
Male Recurve      
1. Alec Potts Archers In Melbourne 300 
2.  Kevin Davey  Waverley City Archers  191 
3.  Cameron Bicknell  Frankston Archery Club Inc  183 
4.  Paul Bowen  Sherbrooke Archers  178 
Female Compound      
1. Helene Wilson Waverley City Archers   227
2. Karina Cave  Moorabbin Archery Club  184
3. Tammy Hastie  Diamond Valley Archers  146
4. Viv Bennett   Twin City Archers Gippsland  73
Male Compound      
1. Brendan Jones  Greater Hamilton Archery Inc 293
2. Damien Sinclair  Sherbrooke Archers  270
3. Sam Breeden  Yarra Valley Archers  242
4. Shaun Hastie  Diamond Valley Archers   235

Full List including scores click here

Congratulations to all who have accepted, and we wish the best of luck to the archers that have other commitments with the World FITA Field event in Ireland, the World IFAA Field event in Wagga.

Indoor State Team 2016


1. 564 Ben Howell Archers In Melbourne
  561 Alec Potts  Archers In Melbourne **  Unavailable
2. 559 Andre DeToit Frankston Archery Club
3. 555 Laura Paeglis   Sherbrooke Archers
4. 554 Gerard Middendorp Angel Archers
R 553 Dawn Nelson-Furnell Angel Archers

1. 575 Shaun Hastie Diamond Valley Archers
2. 574 Helene Wilson Waverley City Archers
3. 572 Marcus Anear Diamond Valley Archers
4. 568 Damien Sinclair  Sherbrooke Archers
R. 566 DeVillers Duvenage Diamond Valley Archers


Youth State Team 2016


2016 Archer   Age Class Gender Bow Type Total Ranking Qual? 
1 Harri Howden Intermediate  M Compound 2118 Q
2 Niamh Jones Cadet F Compound 2002 Q
3 Chris Vissariou Intermediate M Compound 2001 Q
4 DeVilliers Duvenage Junior M Compound 1962 Q
5 Caitlin Howden Intermediate F Compound 1961 Q
6 Elise Faul Cub F Compound 1951 Q
7 Aimee Faul Cadet F Compound 1933 Q
8 Samuel Breeden Junior M Compound 1933 Q
9 Penelope Vissariou Junior F Compound 1903 Q
10 Faith Hastie Cub F Compound 1877 Q
1 Alec Potts Junior M Recurve 1979 Q
2 Ben Howell Junior M Recurve 1825 Q
3 Laura Paeglis Intermediate F Recurve 1803 Q
4 Denise Pilien Intermediate F Recurve 1781 Q
5 Zachary Tonizzo Intermediate M Recurve 1728 Q
6 Oliver McNaught Intermediate M Recurve 1684 Q
7 James Gaze Cadet M Recurve 1656 Q
8 Arunav Chatterjee Cub M Recurve 1654 Q
9 Markus Kuhrau Junior M Recurve 1647 Q
10 Kyle Lyons-clarkson Junior M Recurve 1141 Q

Open State Team 2015Click here

Indoor State Team 2015Click here

Youth State Team 2015 - Click here 


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